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Yes, you do need a lawyer when making a prenuptial agreement.

Others may attempt to come-up with a Thai prenup using self-help guidebooks and other resources. We say, if you want to end up with a clear and binding premarital agreement, you should get help from a good lawyer. Here’s the reason why: Learn how to choose a qualified lawyer
The laws governing marriage contracts vary tremendously from one country to another, and the Thai marriage laws could be way too different from that of your own country (which you are more familiar with). You can certainly do some of your own research to find out general information about Thai prenuptial agreements. But, if you don’t want to invest too much of your time learning the ins and outs of the Thai prenups, a lawyer who knows the intricacies of these laws will be an important resource. The lawyer can help you put together a prenup that meets state requirements and says what you want it to say.

Choose a Qualified Lawyer A prenuptial agreement is an important legal document which can have a significant effect on your future. Although many law firms in Thailand deal with prenuptial agreements, only a handful of these firms are qualified enough to perform it. When selecting a Thai law firm, you should select one that has an international divorce practice, and understands issues on international prenuptial agreements and marital rights in Thailand and the other countries involved.

Law Firm
As Thailand’s LARGEST Legal Service Network, Law Firm ensures its clients the highest level of legal service available in the Kingdom. Our professional team of international attorneys and Thai lawyers will guide you step-by-step in drafting your Thai prenuptial agreement. Our competence in Thailand law combined with our international experience gives an assurance that your Thai prenup meets the requirements of the Thai law and the minimum requirements of the law in your respective country.

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